QuickMAN v1.10 released: PNG save and arbitrary image size

The QuickMAN fast Mandelbrot generator can now save images in the PNG format, which provides lossless compression and is recognized by most web browsers and image viewers. Whenever you have a pleasing image in the window, click the Save Image button to save a copy.

You can also save the image at an arbitrary size. It will be the same image that's in the window, just higher (or lower) resolution. Or, optionally, you can change the aspect ratio to be different from that of the window image.

There are no real limits on image size except your patience. I saved one image at 60,000 x 60,000 resolution, which took 36 minutes, produced a 3.5 GB file, and severely drained my laptop battery. Unfortunately, no imaging application I have was able to open it. I did manage to successfully open a 30,000 x 30,000 version. Anyway, if you want to create Mandelbrot wallpaper for your house, or a billboard, etc., now you can do it.

Since saving can take awhile, QuickMAN spawns a copy of the calculation engine in a separate thread to do the save, so you can keep on browsing while saving is in progress. There is no hourglass to wait for. You can also abort the save at any time by exiting the program. :)

This version also allows you to set the default algorithm and rendering mode from quickman.cfg. I use it to set Normalized rendering with the Exact algorithm, but this is slower than Standard rendering with the Fast algorithm, which remains the default.

Posted by Paul Gentieu 2008-11-19

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