QuickMAN v0.95 released: Buddhabrot

This version of QuickMAN adds Buddhabrot image generation, a rendering technique discovered by Melinda Green. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhabrot for more information.

This was my first stab at it and it's very incomplete- it needs more user control over counter-to-color mapping, iteration point selection, oversampling, etc. I think a whole new dialog box will be needed. Unfortunately I haven't been able to work on QuickMAN much recently; maybe someone else can have a go at it...

For an example image, hit the "Buddhabrot" button while the home image is displayed. Try adjusting the Buddha Max Iters. The calculation works on the current image in the window, so you can pan and zoom normally and then do a new calculation to get various strange effects. The technique works best when the image has a lot of black (non-diverging) area.

The algorithm currently uses brute-force oversampling (it iterates about 200x the number of points in the window), so it can be slow. Use a maximum window size only for final rendering.

I just noticed that the Intel routine has a bug in it when calculating the Buddhabrot, so set the Algorithm to "Fast, AMD" (or "Fast, C", which is cleaner but slower).

Posted by Paul Gentieu 2006-12-03

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