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QuickMAN v0.8 released: Fullscreen panning hits 100 Fps

The QuickMAN fast Mandelbrot image generator has an all-new panning algorithm for v0.8. The new algorithm eliminates a costly memory copy operation that was previously done every frame. The result is a large speed increase- 30-70% faster than v0.75 for most images. My Athlon 64 4000+ system can now reach 100 frames per second at an image size of 1600 x 1140.

The only panning overhead remaining is the screen update. Since the code should now be close to optimal, finally, I can move on to other features... the new algorithm really made my head spin so I'm happy to be done with it. :)

v0.8 also adds alternate panning keys (A, S, D, and W) to make it easier to go from panning to zooming with the mouse.

The previous version had a larger than usual number of annoyances (issues that don't quite reach the level of bugs)- most of those should be fixed in this release.

Posted by Paul Gentieu 2006-07-08

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