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v2.8.0 is out, available from http://www.quickhash-gui.org

v2.8.0 is out, available from http://www.quickhash-gui.org

Posted by TEDs TECH 2017-02-14

Debian Package of QuickHash Released

It's only taken me 5 years, but I have at last got around to working out how to package QuickHash as a debian package.

A test version is available for Linux users in the Downloads area of the new website, http://quickhash-gui.org/

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-12-29

New website for Quickhash on its way!

Within a few days, I will be migrating QuickHash to its own web platfrom hosted on Amazon Web Services.

The project has grown to a size now where it deserves its own proper website. It's been hosted here since 2011 but I think with over 3K downloads a week now, the time has come for its own managed resources where I can better control its environment.

Keep checking back for the announcement and the new website...coming soon :-)

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-12-04

New Apple Mac OSX Version (v2.6.9.2) out now

There hasn't been a new release for Apple Mac OSX since v2.6.7, and even that release had quite a problem in that the application bundle wasn't configured correctly (I discovered) meaning that users couldn't use the program because the interface would not accept keyboard or mouse clicks.

With this release of v2.6.9.2 for all platforms, including Apple Mac, I think I have packaged it correctly so now, in theory, you just need to download the Mac version, extract the app folder from the zip file, and then just double click the '.app' file, and it will run. I hope! At least it should run on 64-bit machines. I'm afraid it won't run on 32-bit ones because it has been compiled with a 64-bit compiler directive. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-08-25

v2.6.9.2 Out now

v2.6.9 was released a few weeks ago, but in so doing, the odd little quirk was introduced. I've tried to fix that in v2.6.9.2. Of note is drag n drop has been corrected (it was showing the file open error even when there was no error to report) and when comparing two large directories of files, the output CSV and HTML files are saved direct to disk as a filestream. This avoids "out of memory" error with large data sets. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-08-23

v2.6.9 Coming Very Soon

It's been busy in the world of QuickHash lately.

The ability to access, hash, reconstruct the same path elsewhere, copy files and then re-hash those files that live in paths greater than 260 characters on Windows systems has presented some challenges, and with the varied functionality of QuickHash, I keep realising certain parts are still missing the functionality.

v2.6.9 does, I hope, address these final issues. In tests so far, several Tb of data has been accessed and copied with millions of files, so I hope to release v2.6.9 in a day or two. I don't want to make the same mistake I made with 2.6.8 which was to release it as soon as the majority parts addressed these issues leaving the lesser parts to still cause errors and crashes. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-06-30

v2.6.8 QuickHash Final for Windows and Linux is out

v2.6.8 of QuickHash GUI for both Windows and Linux in both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures is available from Sourceforge here : https://sourceforge.net/projects/quickhash/files/v2.6.8/

Many significant bug fixes relating to long path names and UNC paths. A significant new feature is the ability to select multiple source folders and copy them to a single destination folder.

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-06-24

v2.6.8 Beta 2 Released

Includes a fix for users who invoke the UNC path and then encounter files in folders that exceed the Windows MAX_PATH value of 260 characters. This was supposed to work fine but a user reported to me that it does not. That was fixed so this version upwards should not have a problem in UNC mode or regular mode when files in long paths are encountered.


Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-06-09

v2.6.8 Beta Released

The last few weeks, I've been working on adding the ability for a user to select multiple source folders in the 'Copy' tab so that several folders can be hashed, copied, then hashed again in one single user operation.

I've done that now but am just waiting for a close group of friends to do some testing before I release it. In the meantime, if you'd like to have a play with it, a link to a beta is here : https://sourceforge.net/projects/quickhash/files/ExperimentalBetas/QuickHash.exe/download... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-06-03

v2.6.7 for Apple Mac OSX Released

I appreciate there's quite some lag between the Windows and Linux versions of Quickhash compared to Apple Mac, but I'm happy to report that v2.6.7 of QuickHash for Apple Mac operating systems 'Yosemite' and 'El Capitan' is now available as of today (https://sourceforge.net/projects/quickhash/files/v2.6.7/).

It's compiled as an 'app bundle', so, in theory, as long as your Mac has an Intel based architecture (sorry, the older Mac's will not be able to run it if they come under the 'PowerPC' banner), and as long as you give the app execute permissions, and as long as you go to your security settings and in the 'General' tab choose "Allow applications downloaded from" abnd set it to 'Anywhere', then it should run, I hope. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-04-20

v2.6.6-b and v2.6.7 Being Wrongly Flagged as Virus

I received a report today from a user that several anti-virus firms were flagging the 64-bit version of QuickHash v2.6.6-b as a virus. I checked and indeed they are, wrongly.

I don't know why or how this has happened but I downloaded the zip file today, extracted the 64-bit exe and hashed it against the version I have on my own computer in my ReleasePackage folder and the hashes still match. So the file on Sourceforge is the same one I compiled a few weeks ago. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-03-21

v2.6.7 Released

For Windows and Linux, v2.6.7 adds some further corrections primarily to the 'Text' tab, as well as some additional fixes for Unicode based files and some other minor improvements. User manual also updated from the v2.6.5 manual to incorporate changes in v.2.6.6 and v2.6.7

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-03-21

V2.6.6-B for Windows

A tiny change to the RAM field. Not really any different to 2.6.6, and as before, both a 32 and 64 bit executable available.

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-03-02

Apple Mac Users - Note

The more recent versions of QuickHash were compiled on a different Apple Mac to the slightly older versions (2.6.3 etc). As a result, users might get "PowerPC applications are no longer supported" and it won't run.

From what I gather, I have to "generate dmg" and so on and the problem is due to the Apple Mac OS changes. I'm not an Apple guru and don't generally use one. I simply re-compile the Linux code and add a few Apple specific switches so I'm sorry to users who can't run the latest version. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2016-02-14

V2.6.5 Is out

Released for Windows, Apple Mac and Linux here : https://sourceforge.net/projects/quickhash/files/v2.6.5/

Posted by TEDs TECH 2015-12-16

V2.6.5 BETA

At user request, the "Text" tab now allows line-by-line hashing of each line. The results are saved to a comma seperated text file that can be opened in a text file editor or spreadsheet software.

For example, Google Adwords requires SHA256 hashes of customer e-mail addresses. So with QuickHash, you can easily paste your list of addresses into the text field, click the "Hash Line-By-Line" and the output is saved as CSV output for you (https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6276125?hl=en-GB)... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2015-12-12

v2.6.4-a For Windows, Linux & Apple Mac released

v2.6.4-a released for all platforms. Specifically to Windows, it enables the reading AND writing of files from and to folders that exceed the Windows max path length of 260 characters. Also, a UNC mode has been added to the copy tab for exclusive unmapped UNC network paths.

Other minor improvements that benefit all three platforms.

Posted by TEDs TECH 2015-12-07

v2.6.4 beta...what's new?

v2.6.4 of QuickHash, due to be released after a few days and beta now available, comes with an exciting new capability.

Windows operating systems have an (at times annoying) limit for folder length called MAX_PATH which is the maximum length that a folder name and file name can be, including drive letter assignment. It's ~260 characters. Though many QH users will never have this issue, I'm aware that QH is increasingly being used for comparisons of large data sets all over the world, often sat on networks, and often put there by software that overrides the MAX_PATH restriction of Windows. So, you can't always access this data using traditional Windows tools, including Windows Explorer.... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2015-11-25 Labels: v2.6.4

v2.6.3 for Apple Mac Released

The next Apple Mac release since v2.5.3 was released for Apple is now available as an application bundle, v.2.6.3. See the files section.

Also available via Github at https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash/releases/tag/v2.6.3

Posted by TEDs TECH 2015-10-06

v2.6.3 for Linux & WIndows Released

Great new graphical treeview for copying files from source to destination. Few minor fixes. Thanks for bug reports!

Posted by TEDs TECH 2015-09-18

v2.6.2 for Windows & Linux released

v2.6.2 of Quickhash for Windows & Linux released. Only minor improvements to address recent bug posts and feature requests. New functionality is a text field for 'Text' and 'File' tabs wherein the user can paste a known hash and Quickhash will then compare the generated hash of the text or file against the known hash.

Posted by TEDs TECH 2015-08-05

QuickHash v2.6.0 released.

Version 2.6.0 for Windows and Linux is released today. The Apple Mac version will follow in a few days.

See the README.txt for full details, but the most notable new features is an additional tab to compare two individual files that may exist in two different folders, without the user needing to hash all the other files in those respective folders.

Also, the ability to delete duplicate files, added. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2015-01-21

All WINDOWS users of v2.5.3 prior to 22/12/14 should re-download

The WINDOWS version of QuickHash that was released on 14th Dec 2014 had a problem with the "OnClick" handlers for the buttons of the Disk Hashing tab. This meant that when the user launched the disk hashing module and clicked the button to scan for disks, nothing happened. Further details in this ticket : https://sourceforge.net/p/quickhash/tickets/7/

The fault has now been fixed in the 22nd Dec 2014 version of 2.5.3, released just now. There is no change to the versioning number because the behaviour that is now exhibitted is what SHOULD have been exhibitted in the 14th Dec version. There is no addition or improvement to existing functionality - just a fix to an oversight. ... read more

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-12-22

v2.5.3 Released - for Windows, Linux and Apple Mac!

Pleased to announce v2.5.3 not only for Windows and Linux, but now Apple Mac too! The Apple Mac is entirely experimental at this stage. I have compiled it and run it and tested basic functionality. Feedback and reports are welcome. Most of the cross-platfrom directives are inheritted from the Linux version, given that Apple Mac is basically Linux. But there may be some areas where this assumption is wrong. Please feedback.

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-12-14

v2.5.3 Coming Soon...and maybe for the Apple Mac!

v2.5.3 will be released soon with better control for copying data to directories that exceed the Windows MAX_PATH length of 260 chars.

It will also present the user with the choice of dealing with hidden files - either detect them, or not.

What I'd like to deternmine is the demand for an Apple Mac version of QuickHash. If I go to the effort of building it, will people use it?

Posted by TEDs TECH 2014-12-13 Labels: apple mac quickhash v2.5.3