Apologies for the typo - clearly the errors occur after I run the generate.sh script in the spec directory, not the configure script.


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From: Asher Newcomer <ashernew@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 11:16 AM
Subject: Generate script broken for c++?
To: quickfix-developers@lists.sourceforge.net

Hi All,

I'm attempting to make some very simple changes to the FIX field definitions in Quickfix, but the generate.sh script seems to be producing invalid code. 

I have no problem compiling and using the source code directly from the repo (bootstrap, configure, make).

However, if I first run the configure.sh script in the spec directory, I receive errors on a subsequent build because the xsl seems to insert 'bad' characters into the code. This is prior to me making any changes. Diff on a couple files as follows:

diff --git a/quickfix/src/C++/fix42/Advertisement.h b/quickfix/src/C++/fix42/Advertisement.h
index 71391af..eca39fd 100644
--- a/quickfix/src/C++/fix42/Advertisement.h
+++ b/quickfix/src/C++/fix42/Advertisement.h
@@ -16,11 +16,11 @@ namespace FIX42
     static FIX::MsgType MsgType() { return FIX::MsgType("7"); }
-      const FIX::AdvId& aAdvId,
-      const FIX::AdvTransType& aAdvTransType,
-      const FIX::Symbol& aSymbol,
-      const FIX::AdvSide& aAdvSide,
-      const FIX::Shares& aShares )
+      ["const FIX::AdvId& aAdvId"],
+      ["const FIX::AdvTransType& aAdvTransType"],
+      ["const FIX::Symbol& aSymbol"],
+      ["const FIX::AdvSide& aAdvSide"],
+      ["const FIX::Shares& aShares"] )
     : Message(MsgType())
diff --git a/quickfix/src/C++/fix42/Allocation.h b/quickfix/src/C++/fix42/Allocation.h
index d5d876e..dced96d 100644
--- a/quickfix/src/C++/fix42/Allocation.h
+++ b/quickfix/src/C++/fix42/Allocation.h
@@ -16,13 +16,13 @@ namespace FIX42
     static FIX::MsgType MsgType() { return FIX::MsgType("J"); }
-      const FIX::AllocID& aAllocID,
-      const FIX::AllocTransType& aAllocTransType,
-      const FIX::Side& aSide,
-      const FIX::Symbol& aSymbol,
-      const FIX::Shares& aShares,
-      const FIX::AvgPx& aAvgPx,
-      const FIX::TradeDate& aTradeDate )
+      ["const FIX::AllocID& aAllocID"],
+      ["const FIX::AllocTransType& aAllocTransType"],
+      ["const FIX::Side& aSide"],
+      ["const FIX::Symbol& aSymbol"],
+      ["const FIX::Shares& aShares"],
+      ["const FIX::AvgPx& aAvgPx"],
+      ["const FIX::TradeDate& aTradeDate"] )

Any ideas why the brackets and quotations marks are being generated? Any ideas what I can do to sort this out?

I'd very much appreciate any insight anyone can offer, as I'm not eager to go spelunking through the XSL.