Hello All,
I have build an Initiator to test my Acceptor. But i want to check the correctness of messages for eg. if i send LOGON message then i want to see whether the response message is expected message. But i want to this automated. So, i tried writing NUnits for the same. But, when i try to test using Nunit exe and load my project, the Nunit exe shuts down and closes unexpectedly. So, I was wondering whether it is possible to write Nunits for FIX if not what is the best possible way to test Request and Response messages.
One way i thought was to compare the response and expected message using "String Compairson" functions.
If any one of you know about this scenario or have faced the same problem please help me. As this would save my time and also i can concentrate on this which are workable.
Vishrant Shah.