On 10/20/05, Shankar Krishnan <skrishna@jwmp.com> wrote:
I would like to send a test request message, I have a handle to the
application class, how should I send a test request message,
I read the fix doc, apparently I need to set tag 112, how do I construct the
First off, please don't use "Reply" if you're starting a new thread.  And when you do reply, please don't quote unnecessarily.

Why do you want to send a Test request?  QuickFIX will do this for you if/when it is necessary?

If you do insist on sending one, create an e.g. FIX42::TestRequest object (include the appropriate <quickfix/fix42/TestRequest.h> header file) and use Session::send or Session::sendToTarget to send it.

Caleb Epstein
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