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QuickConnectAJAX Release 1.0 nears completion

QuickConnectAJAX is nearing moving from beta to release. This will happen when the documentation is complete and posted here. Version QCAJAX_0.9.2_R1 contains the release candidate code that is intended to be included in QuickConnectAJAX version 1.0

Posted by Lee 2008-04-07

QuickConnectPHP Release 1.0 near

QuckConnectPHP is about to move from beta to release. This change will be made when the documentation is added on this site. Version 0.9.1_R3 contains the projected release version of the code.

Posted by Lee 2008-04-07

QuickConnectVB.net beta nears completion

The main developer of QuickConnectVB.net, Jamie H, has executed and delivered a preliminary first version of his implementation of the QuickConnectFamily architecture. It will be posted as available for download in two weeks. You can then give feedback on improvements through this site.

Posted by Lee 2008-04-07