QuickConnectiPhone 1.1 is now available!

Want to write your iPhone app in JavaScript but still post it on the App Store?
QCiPhone 1.1 includes the ability to access SQLite databases that you ship with your application from within JavaScript in addition to the many features that were available from JavaScript in 1.0.

These features include:
GPS location data
Accelerometer data
playing custom system sounds
vibrating the device
Google maps embedded in your application, not calling the maps application
Displaying the native date and date/time pickers instead of the lame HTML pulldowns.
Recording audio
Playing recorded audio
Accessing AJAX via an easy to use wrapper
A simple to use drag and drop library
and others.

If you want to create iPhone apps but don't want to learn Objective-C check out QuickConnectiPhone.

Posted by Lee 2008-12-30

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