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Quiche v0.1.1 released

The latest version of Quiche has been released. In it, there have been many behind the scenes changes to improve performance, and a few new features to improve useability. Most importantly, however, it can now be built from linux and includes a KDevelop project file.

Posted by Tom B 2003-06-03

Quiche v0.1.0 released

This is the first official release of Quiche Music Player. At the moment, it lacks its distinctive network control functionality, but it is more or less a complete and fairly stable local mp3 player. It includes most of the features you could want for every day use, such as playlists, loop/shuffle modes, and more. At the time of this release, only the Windows build is available, but the linux source tree is coming soon.

Posted by Tom B 2003-05-29