Hello. Thanks to Adam's diligence, I have a working build of QueXF that can accept US 8.5x11 instead of international A4 scanned-in surveys.

It's working great for standard surveys with just checked-off boxes. I'm having trouble incorporating the experimental OCR module.

I have installed Tesseract and ImageMagick, and pointed my config.inc.php to their binaries. The admin/testconfig.php file confirms both.

When I try to upload a directory of filled-out surveys with text / number fields, I get the error described in the subject heading, namely:

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function ST_Guess() in *pathname*/functions.import.php on line 102"

Is this an ImageMagick or Tesseract function that I should be looking for, or is it an internal function to QueXF? Is it even a function?

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to increasing the processing power of this already great piece of software.