Hi Adam,
config.default.php has nothing more but definition of all constants used in quexf.
What I did first was this....
1.Page set up.....i uploaded test_original.pdr
2.Since this is original there wasnt even needed to adjust green boxes
3. Import new form from pdf file... I selected test_original.pdf and also test_original_xml.....it imported pdf and xml successfully
4. import directory of pdf files(filled forms)...i imported from doc/filled..there was 3 filled forms there....no errors and success on upload
5. Now at this point this is what i am confused about....
   *formboxverifychar table in database has some values but mostly NULL values
   *formboxverifytext table in database has nothing in it
   *ocrtrain table in database has nothing in it

Can you tell me what result I should get in the steps I mentioned above? I also did same steps but instead of test_original I used test_blank and i did binding myself without importing xml file.I didnt get any good data like that neighter. If you can tell me what steps I should take to get ocr to work because config.default has nothing but constants definition.Where is documentation explians how to set up ocr because I cant find anything.

Any help Adam would be much appreciated.

> Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 11:45:11 +1100
> Subject: Re: [Quexf-discuss] allign edge boxes
> From: adam.zammit@acspri.org.au
> To: igorjava@hotmail.com
> CC: quexf-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net
> Dear Igor,
> In the initial new form import stage, no alignment is done. queXF
> aligns each scanned completed form to the original new form. Therefore
> if you want the banding to work well, you will need to scan in the
> page as straight as you can, or use some page processing software to
> align it.
> Regarding the text boxes. queXF by default does not do OCR - therefore
> the text boxes will remain blank. OCR in queXF is currently
> experimental so may not work for you. The documentation on the queXF
> website and in the config.default.php file should describe how to
> enable OCR and set it up
> Regards,
> Adam Zammit
> On 22 January 2011 07:41, igor k <igorjava@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Hi,
> > Can anyone attach screen shot of proper way to align line and bar code
> > boxes.
> > Documentation only says to align it but not how. i have tried every which
> > way to align it and it always come out crooked and therefore binding is not
> > proper.
> > i also have problem reading text boxes. When I go from top of the form and
> > every time I am satisfied i press "enter"(this all works for check boxes).
> > Problem is when it comes to text box it highlights the actual hand  writing
> > in yellow and under it it shows empty box where I can type text myself but
> > it never recognize actual writing in the text box. Any suggestion would be
> > much appreciated.
> >
> >
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