Dear Peter,

Thank you - I am glad to hear queXF is working well for you.

Happy New Year to you as well.

To achieve this - first find the questionnaire qid - then run the following commands (replace 1234 with your qid):

delete from `formpages` where fid IN (select fid from forms where qid = 1234);
delete from `forms` where qid = 1234;

That should delete all the forms currently imported for the questionnaire, but leave the banding/etc intact. If you just want to delete the forms that have been reviewed, do the following:

delete from `formpages` where fid IN (select fid from forms where qid = 1234 and done = 1);
delete from `forms` where qid = 1234 and done = 1;

I've included the list in the reply to assist anyone else with a similar query.

Adam Zammit

On 9 January 2013 21:14, Jebavý Petr <> wrote:

Dear Adam,

I was using QueXF with great results last year, for that I want to thank you.

Now there is a new year and new set of data. I had configured the questionnaires last year,

now I just want to continue with empty data – while the banding data stays untouched.


Is it possible just to delete the filled and reviewed questionnaires, while other data stays intact?

I saw the mailing list and you suggested to drop whole database, but this would be painful…

I suppose it can be done by deleting some tables, which contains filled questionnaires…


Thank you in advance and I wish you all best in year 2013!



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