Dear Quexf admin,

When we submitted form that just been verfied, the webpage freze for around 10 minutes, before it successfully submitted the form.

We verified around 1500 forms already by now, and we use XAMPP Portable and latest Quexf version. The PC that runs QueXF is Core 2 Duo with 2GB Ram. The form that we verified have around 350 banding coordinates. we scan the document using monochrome, 600 dpi. We did try using 300 dpi as suggested, but we achieve better accuracy with 600 dpi scanning.

Would there be anyway to speed up the submission of verified form ? At the moment to minimise operator waiting time, we running 3 different browsers at one PC, so when one browser waiting for verification submission, we still can verify using different browser screen. However, many times even three browser session are stalled for around 10 minutes waiting for submission to be completed.

Appreciate very much your kind attention and advice.

Kind regards,