Hi Adam,   See my responses below:

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 8:38 PM, Adam Zammit <adam.zammit@acspri.org.au> wrote:
Dear Piet,

I will update the documentation to make this more clear - but when
importing from a PDF file that has a banding XML file - you should
import the original PDF (i.e. the PDF created by the queXML tools).
This is because the banding XML file references this document. Only
used the scanned version for importing when not using a banding file.

In my case I did import the pdf and xml created with the tools and the banding lines up correctly when I check this.   (no scanning here) 

Where it does not line up is when I import a directory of filled out pdf files (forms). The  boxes seem to line up one box below the boxes on the scanned in forms.   Not sure what to do about this. Do you have any suggestions?

Currently each scanned, completed questionnaire must be in its own PDF
file. You could use a pdf "splitter" such as PDFTK to do this
automatically if it is more appropriate for you to scan in batches.

Adam Zammit

On 22 June 2011 04:21, Piet Slaghekke <pslaghekke@collaborative.org> wrote:
> I am running the latest queFS   and using a form produced in lime survey.  I
> am using the online https://surveys.acspri.org.au/quexmltools/  to produce a
> pdf and banding xml file which I then import into queFS.
> I print out the same pdf form and scan it   then use the setup function to
> get  setting for config.inc.php file.  I add the settings to
> config.inc.php.
> Issue:  when I scan  in filled out forms  the and try to verify them,  the
> banding boxes do not line up with the boxes on the scanned in pages.   Is
> there a way to get this lined up?
> one more unrelated question:  I tried to scan in 6 surveys as one pdf file
> and import them but this does not seem to work only registers the first
> survey.. would I have to scan in each survey individually?
> Thanks!
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