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Dear Adam,

sometimes, due to heavy scanning load a form may be scanned incorrectly and the verifier would get a centroid error in functions.image.php message. the verifier is hence stuck and cannot proceed to the next form while the admin fixes the error. Do we have the ability to allow the verifier to skip a form with errors like that or with poor scanning (leaving notes) and return to it once the admin has rescanned it?

Currently the verifier cannot choose to skip a form. The could leave page notes and continue on - but they cannot skip it. This would be a good feature I think - and could be used to produce a useful list for the administrator to re-scan forms. If you would like to implement this I'd be happy to review - otherwise I'll put it on my "to do" list.


also, i am having a problem with the forms in terms of proper alignment of bands and scanned image boxes. although i do a page setup for both empty and scanned forms, I almost always end up with the forms misaligning during verification ( the verifier sees the boxes (standard size and widths) slightly offset from where the actual boxes are. for a verifier this becomes problematic if even the auto centre does not work because it becomes very difficult to place the correct answer (for tick boxes).

With a correct page setup - this issue should not occur. The page setup in queXF is currently "global" therefore should be done for the scanned forms, as these are the ones that will be input.

In addition, the scans i see in the verification step are of much lower quality than what i had seen once I scanned them (filled sheets) it seems the conversions that take place (png to wbmp to tif etc..) reduce the readability of the forms at the verfication stage to an extent verifiers cannot read the written digits or texts properly. (too faded)

I scan at 300 dpi 1 bit b&w as you suggest.

queXF uses ghostscript to convert the images to 1 bit 300DPI PNG files and then does no further conversions. If you have scanned in the images at 1bit 300dpi then they should look identical in queXF as in the scan. Also note that when verifying, the browser resizes the images to fit them on the screen. In some cases you may need to "zoom in" to see the entire image. To do this use the F2 key in the browser. If this image does not look right - then there is a problem in the conversion process.

Adam Zammit

any advise is truly helpful as i am stuck now with a large number of unverified sheets.


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