Hi Adam,

First of all, thanks for providing this great software. If I can get it up and running it will be
the perfect thing to boost my non-profit's data collection efforts.

Unfortunately, I've been having importing issues with completed forms. Importing blank forms and
banding appear to be working fine. However, when I try to import a directory of PDF files (I'm
working with the sample tests included with queXF) nothing seems to happen--the process just sits
there until I kill it. Process numbers keep incrementing, even after I turn off the server and
start it again, so I'm not even sure if I'm killing the processes. I know importing a directory is
supposed to take a while, but I can leave the thing alone for a half an hour and it still doesn't give
me any files (this is when trying to import the two sample PDFs). Any ideas?

Here's most of the info on my setup; please let me know if more data would be helpful. Again,
thanks for providing this powerful tool.

Alec Reynolds

Mac OS 10.6.4
MAMP 1.9
queXF 1.9.1
adodb 5.11
ghostscript 8.71 (package version compiled for mac available here: http://www.uoregon.edu/~koch/)

1)Downloaded queXF to MAMP/htdocs
2) Downloaded adodb5 to MAMP/htdocs
3) Installed ghostscript to /usr/local/bin
4) Created quexf database and ran the database setup script in MySQL without a hitch
5) Banding process seemed to work fine on the blank test PDF included in the queXF documents
6) Stagnates upon trying to import the directory quexf/docs/filled

//FILE config.inc.php 
//(note I did change the DB_TYPE to mysql from the default mysqlt)
define('DB_USER', 'root');
define('DB_PASS', 'root');
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
define('DB_NAME', 'quexf');
define('DB_TYPE', 'mysql');

define('ADODB_DIR', '/opt/local/share/adodb5/');

define('BLANK_PAGE_DETECTION', true);


//REQUIRED: Ghostscript binary
define('GS_BIN', '/usr/local/bin/gs' . '/usr/local/bin/gs/font2c');

//Temporary directory
define('TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY', "/tmp");

//OCR requires CONVERT_BIN (imagemagick convert binary) and TESSERACT_BIN (tessearct binary) to be enabled
define('OCR_ENABLED', false);

//Do not remove the following line:
include(dirname(__FILE__) . '/config.default.php');