Dear Adam,

We are looking into the possibility to offer our students/researchers a service to scan and collect data using queXF. This would be an added service for current users of the Limesurvey we have installed on the university’s servers. 

We would only allow forms created with Limesurvey to be used and tests importing the forms and banding file work really well.

QueXF as it is now is perfect for a local installation for a single user but isn’t ready for use for a setup with many users and so I have some questions about future development and added functionality.

-          The possibility to remove forms with scanned files.  If surveys are finished there should be a possibility to delete a form with scanned files through the user interface.

-          Adding a page link (cf Teleform) or using unique barcode to keep scanned multiple page forms together?

-          A nicer user interface ( cf Limesurvey)


I saw most of these questions already on the user forum and usually you provide suggestions on how and where to change the source code. We are planning to customize to some degree but not develop too much so my question actually is how much changes, additions we can expect in the near future? 

Are there new releases with a lot of functionality change or added in the pipeline?

Kind regards,

Kristel Hoydonckx

Faciliteiten voor Onderzoek

KU Leuven