I am very eager to get your software working with the newest components available for an important proof of concept. In our hospital this could be a big improvement in reducing valuable time between medical specialists and there patients. And QueXF looks very promising
This is what I did:
I've got successfully installed :
I printed a printable survey from LimeSurvey and scanned it in black/white on a 300DPI resolution.  I've uploaded this scanned form in the page setup and added these two lines in my config.inc.php based on the default.conf.php and the information generated by the pagesetup.php
//Page size
Then when opening the administrative interface of my QueXF (in Firefox) i choose option "Import a new form from a PDF file" and got the expected possibility to upload a PDF and a Banding file. So I uploaded my "quexmlpdf_87658_nl.pdf" and "quexf_banding_87658_nl.xml" and received this error: "Failed to insert new questionnaire. Could have conflicting page id's".
But the environment is new and empty. The exported survey is brand new. My database table "Forms" still is emty.
Can someone please help me in getting my environment up and running?
In return I will offer to make a little instruction movie showing all the how to's and put some time in making a proper translate in Dutch.
Kind regards,
Frans Erich
Stafmedewerker ICT Sector C
Un i v e r s i t a i r Me d i s c h     Ce n t r u m     Gr o n i n g e n
Kamer P2.264a CB11 - Hanzeplein 1/ Postbus 30001 -  9700 RB Groningen
f.j.erich@umcg.nl   050 – 3610294 
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