I am trying to understand how queXF works but I am having several doubts. I am using the latest version, the PDF sample from the doc/ directory, Firefox 3.

Let us suppose that I want to "Band Form" interactively , specifically the boxes to the right of "The first part of a matrix question", "The Second question in a matrix question" (page 2). I do a row at each time, i.e., I select a region that encloses three boxes to the right of the "The first part of a matrix question". Then I have to click a few times around in order to get the region red such that I can click it. When the red appears, I finally click and I am brought to a dialog which still has the three boxes all red. Is this normal? shouldn't the program have recgonized by now that there are three boxes and mark them in color separately with white between? I tried to delete space between boxes and what happens is that the program changes all the color in red to something lighter... in all the region, including boxes and the space between the boxes!

Btw, what is the width field? Should I assign the same name to the three boxes such they can be recognized as a group?

Also, if I select only one box in order to continue the workflow, when the operator is reviewing, I always see everything orange and nothing green as if none box was marked with a cross....

What could be possibly wrong?

Thanks in advance.