Dear Sven,

This is an interesting point. queXF does not handle this. I would be interested to see how others solve this problem, and if any other package exists to assist. We currently train our verifiers to make the required decision manually.

Adam Zammit

2009/6/3 Sven Kuhne <>

Dear Adam,

is a further validation of the data possible? To explain my question here is an example questionnaire with 3 questions:

Question 1) were you in the city yesterday and gone shopping?

(single choice answer type)

  • yes
  • no -> skip to question 3

Question 2) If yes, how many shops have you visited?

(single choice answer type)

  • 1 - 5
  • 5 - 10
  • more than 10

Question 3) If no, what have you done in the city instead?

  • text field answer type

After the scanning and validating we recognized at the following output:

  • Question 1: no
  • Question 2: 1-5, more than 10
  • Question 3: gone to the university

The Problems here:

  • Question 1: Question 2 has an answer, so the right answer of Question 1 should be yes instead of no
  • Question 2: this is only a single choice answer, but here are two answers marked

So how I can validate this or is there an automatic process possible or another software open source solution, cause the queXML questionnaire has the skip to commands and the answer fields were described already?

best regards


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