Dear Sven,

Yes, you can add the variable names after the banding process - but be careful not to change anything else after data is entered (besides the variable names)

To upgrade from 1.6.0 to 1.8.1 , you will have to upgrade to 1.7.0 first:

Then to 1.8.0:

Then to 1.8.1:

Unless you start the database from scratch. (The meaning of drop all tables is to clear out the queXF database in mySQL and re create it using the SQL code found in database/quexf.sql - this requires accessing the mySQL database, which in the windows installation can be accessed by going to: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ )

Adam Zammit

2009/6/2 TabalugaFX <>
Dear Adam,

thanks for your fast answer and with your help I can continue my work with queXF.

After I disabled the use of OCR the verification process passed very well, so currently I have installed queXF on another network station, so that every client can verify the new filled questionnaires, but now I have another questions:

* is it possible to insert the variable names after the banding process?

* how can I upgrade my queXF version 1.6.0 to 1.8.1. I don't understand your meaning: "... drop all tables and create the database again using the new quexf.sql file in the database directory of the new version.".

Thanks again for your help and support.

Best regards.


--- Adam Zammit <> schrieb am Mo, 1.6.2009:

Von: Adam Zammit <>
Betreff: Re: [Quexf-discuss] Help with Banding & importing Froms
An: "Sven Kuhne" <>,
Datum: Montag, 1. Juni 2009, 1:07

Dear Sven,

It sounds like you have not upgraded the database as well as the files. Upgrading from 1.6.0 to 1.8.1. may require multiple updates to the database. If you have not data in the database, it might be wise to drop all tables and create the database again using the new quexf.sql file in the database directory of the new version.

Adam Zammit

2009/5/29 Sven Kuhne <>

Dear Adam,

after I made an upgrade to queXF Version 1.8.1 another waring appears:

  • Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\xampplite\htdocs\forbidden\quexf181\functions\functions.xhtml.php on line 103

These warning showed up on the following three menus: Successfully imported files, Failed imported files, Duplicate forms.

Best regards


Adam Zammit schrieb:
Dear Sven,

This sounds like a problem with ghostscript not executing properly.

Try changing your ghoscript configuration directive to:

define('GS_BIN', dirname(__FILE__).'\../../../gs/bin/gswin32c.exe -I' . dirname(__FILE__). '\../../../gs/lib;'. dirname(__FILE__). '\../../../gs/fonts ' );

Adam Zammit

2009/5/29 Sven Kuhne <>

Dear Adam & all other queXF users,

currently I have some problems with queXF including importing forms and the branding process.

Here is a list what I have done so far:

  1. creating a questionnaire with queXML and converted them into PDF

  2. downloading queXF Windows XAMPP installer 1.6.0 , ImageMagik 6.5.2. Q16 and Tesseract 2.01 Patch1

  3. extracting all into Drive d:, Tesseract into d:\xampplite\tesseract and ImagMagick into d:\xampplite\imagemagick

  4. Edit d:\xampplite\htdocs\forbidden\quefx\ to insert path to adodb5, imagemagik, tesseract, and ghostscript.

    Here is the listed after my editing process (without first comments):

    define('DB_USER', 'quexf');

    define('DB_PASS', 'quexf');

    define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

    define('DB_NAME', 'quexf');

    define('ADODB_DIR', dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../adodb5/');

    define('BLANK_PAGE_DETECTION', true);


    //REQUIRED: Ghostscript binary

    define('GS_BIN', dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../gs/bin/gswin32c.exe');

    //Temporary directory

    define('TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY', realpath("/../../../tmp/"));

    //OCR requires CONVERT_BIN (imagemagick convert binary) and TESSERACT_BIN (tessearct binary) to be enabled

    define('OCR_ENABLED', true);

    define('CONVERT_BIN', dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../imagemagick/convert.exe');

    define('TESSERACT_BIN', dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../tesseract/tesseract.exe');

    define('WINDOWS_PHP_EXEC', "start /b ". realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'\../../../php/') . 'php.exe');

    //Do not remove the following line:

    include(dirname(__FILE__) . '/config.default.php');

  5. running XAMPP control panel and starting Apache and MySQL

  6. Testing configuration file under http://localhost/forbidden/quexf/admin/testconfig.php with Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10

    the results:

    Database connection succeeded

    Found GhostScript version 8.61

    Found Tesseract

    Found ImageMagick
    Passed Configuration Test

  7. Running queFX under http://localhost/forbidden/quexf/admin/ with Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10

  8. Logging in with username: user and password: pass

  9. import a new form from a PDF file selecting the test_blank.pdf file from the quexf doc directory to test queXF

    the results:


    but no bar code field or numbers are showing up here !!

  10. Band a form using interactive banding and selecting the test_blank_questionnaire

  11. blank page showing up, no errors appearing

what do I now to solve this problem, or what have I done wrong?
Please help.
Best regards Sven

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