I know Windows isn't the preferred platform, but hope that I could be pointed in the right direction.
I downloaded the most recent xampp-packaged distribution of queXF (1.12.2).  I'm aware that this is a bit behind the latest Linux distribution, but that's OK for now.
I installed to C:\.
I had a previous "...AMP" (BitNami Wampstack) running Apache and MySQL services, which initially prevented me from getting MySQL to start under xampp.  When I stopped these, I was able to proceed to the queXF initial display (after starting xampp's mySQL and Apache).
At http://localhost/forbidden/quexf, I selected "Import a new form from a PDF file" (the initial option in the left navigation).
I selected the pair of files test_original.pdf and test_original.xml (respectively) for the two fields "Select PDF file to create from:" and "(Optional): Select banding XML file:".
I located these at C:\xampp\htdocs\forbidden\quexf\doc .
Instead of a success message, I got the following when I hit the button "Upload form":
BARCODE: 00000101BARCODE: 00000102

Failed to insert new questionnaire. Could have conflicting page id's

This was confusing, as I thought it was a clean installation.
I went to phpmyadmin and typed
LIMIT 0 , 30

It indicated that only two tables had data:
boxgrouptypes (7 rows)
verifiers (1 row).
I'm pretty new to the ..AMP environment, although have had experience with other web apps and SQL databases.  Could I have a lead on why I'm stuck at this point?

(Very much appreciate the clean-minded work from my reading, by the way.)