#278 Quex crashes Visual Studio 2013


When I try to run a Quex 0.64.8 project with Visual Studio 2013 (v12.0.21005.1 REL) it crashes Visual Studio without warning.

You can recreate the crash by trying to run the quex-0.64.8\demo\Cpp\000 demo project with Visual Studio 2013 (v12.0.21005.1 REL) in either release or debug configuration.


  • Frank-Rene Schäfer

    Am I wright when I assume that it is VisualStudio that crashes
    when it tries to convert the VS2003 files? In that case, I would
    close this report.

  • Frank-Rene Schäfer

    • status: open --> pending
  • Zemantics

    Zemantics - 2013-10-31

    Hi Frank-Rene.

    First of all, thanks for a great project. However, we experience some serious problems.

    First to your question: No, the upgrading of quex-0.64.8\demo\Cpp\000 demo project Visual Studio 2003 project to a Visual Studio 2013 project is fine. Compiling is also fine. The problem is when you try to run the project, then the Visual Studio 2013 IDE crashes. It's not the Quex program that crashes, it's actually the whole Visual Studio IDE that goes down.

    In the light of Intel C++ compiler v14.0 also having issues when running Quex code (see earlier bug post and http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/474239 ) I suspect that may be some serious issues with Quex that needs attending.

    For my company this is getting quite serious as we currently cannot migrate our code to Visual Studio 2013 nor use a later version of the Intel compiler than v13. Of our 160k lines of C++ code Quex is the only part of it that has these issues with Visual Studio 2013 and with the Intel Compiler v14, when Quex is taken out everything works ok with no crashes.

    Thanks again.

    Kind regards,

    A free trial of Visual Studio 2013 can be downloaded online if you don't have a MSDN subscription.

  • Frank-Rene Schäfer

    So, I guess I can close the bug, can't I?

  • Frank-Rene Schäfer

    PS, in any case it does not harm to define QUEX_ERROR_EXIT yourself to avoid any kind of issue.

  • Frank-Rene Schäfer

    • Status: pending --> closed

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