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New CVS source tree available

The new sources for the redesign of gnu-queue are available from the Savannah development site now.

Posted by Koni 2005-07-25

Move to Savannah

To further support and promote the GNU project, since GNU queue is formally a part of it, the development website will be moved to Savannah at

Posted by Koni 2005-06-24

New Maitainer

On 2005-06-11, due to the dormancy of GNU Queue over the past few years, Richard Stallman has appointed me (Koni, sourceforge user "cryptopup") as the new maintainer of GNU Queue and charged me with the task of revitalizing its development. Please see the queue-developers list archives for more information and the discussion precreding this.

Posted by Koni 2005-06-24

Please welcome Mike Castle as new maintainer!

Please welcome Mike Castle ( as the new GNU Queue maintainer.

Posted by Werner G Krebs 2002-08-28

Linux Journal features GNU Queue

GNU Queue was featured in the November issue of Linux Journal:


Posted by Werner G Krebs 2000-11-02

Docs available for editing and submission online

I've created several doc categories, so users can submit docs on-line via the SourceForge documentation manager.

Note that the homepage also lists the "HTML Frequently Asked Questions" which also lets users submit and edit new FAQ entries.

I encourage users to improve upon the docs when they see a way. Please feel free to re-submit existing docs if you see a way to edit or improve them. Feel free to put your name/handle near your edit/improvements if you like.

Posted by Werner G Krebs 2000-09-13

Much anticipated 1.20.1 released

1.20.1 now sends out jobs that can't be started to other machines.

Many other changes.

Posted by Werner G Krebs 2000-07-30

GNU Queue new at Sourceforge.

Welcome to the GNU Queue project at Sourceforge.

We're just getting started. Help us out by looking around! There's already a survey in place which you can take, but there's lots still remaining to be done.

Posted by Werner G Krebs 2000-05-17

GNU Queue survey now online.

Please take a moment to fill out our survey on GNU Queue.

Posted by Werner G Krebs 2000-05-12