NFS locks up during compiling - and causes compilation errors.

NFS doesn't support the unix filesystem.  NFS, if in the kernel, causes complete lockups (and sometimes if not in kernel...).  NFS causes infinite read pauses that require NFS reset (and so lost data).  NFS causes many softwares to just fail - a fact that is in the FAQ of many softwares.  There is no reliable version.

Get it?

NFS has a terrible reliability record.

BUT!  since queue is an "rsh drop in" it shouldn't rely on a half baked technology like nfs: rsh or rsync are stable, steady, fast, and reliable.

I hope you take that message to heart.  I've spent hours (over the spell of years) finding the truth of it the hard way: nfs isn't a unix legacy.  It's a unix laugh.

Thanks - and hope that helps everyone, happy hacking and all that,

      John D. Hendrickson


Infact there's no good network disk mount solution.  Why?  Because they all rely on a "central server" - which means if that goes down everything does.

But the fault in reliability of all of them is simple: the kernel keeps vital stats (ie, open files) on all mounts: and no network mount utility out there has a way of sharing that info between two kernels.

Tada.  It all sucks.

Lesson?  If you need multiple computers accessing a file, use rsync.  This is why linux distributors use rsync between mirrors (not nfs!)