Hello guys,
      I am happy to say that the port of qucs has progressed more now :) Check out the cvs. Its now a lot better than previous one.
Finally I came up with descent wire managment code (really took pretty long time even though the current logic seems simple). Now you can see grids being drawn too. For testing purpose I've added a 4-terminal device - coupler and also capacitor. I also initiated with netlist code .
There are some optimatizations (premature ??) in the sense that I inlined many methods and also carefully worked out the bounding rects of items. You can even rotate components - for now just a right click. The code is more stabilized. Yet more to come in few days.
  The next immediate developments will be property management, netlist generation , saving-opening schematics, simulator integration and finally porting all components. Actually I am also learning python now since it solves two purposes - learning new lang and accelerating the port. BTW after Qt4's technologies and emacs this is third great thing I'm learning :) I am really grateful to qucs team.

Gopala Krishna A