I am a long time user of Qucs (now usin 0.0.14) for analog and RF designs and think it is a great tool.
Recently I wanted to start looking into VHDL and tried to run some digital simulations.
I installed the MinGW suite and was able to locate FreeHDL-0.0.3-setup.exe somewhere. I couldn't find any Win32 binary of the latest FreeHDL-0.0.6.
When I now try to run a simulation, everything seems to work OK, but when the simulator is at the "linking" stage, it produces all kinds of errors.
I already tried adding the FreeHDL directory locations to the system environment variables, but this doesn't help.
Can you help me out here and tell me what I should do to resolve this?
Also, is there already any FreeHDL-0.0.6 binary available for Win32?
Many thanks in advance for your help!
Best regards,