Hi Stefan,

Yes, the missing ground was the source of the problem.
Thanks a lot for your feedback.


On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 1:45 PM, Stefan Jahn <stefan@gruft.de> wrote:
Am Mo, 22.12.2008, 21:14, schrieb kapil kaushik:

> Hi,


> I am trying to simulate a simple diode circuit using qucs (attached a
> screenshot of the circuit), but running into a weird problem. If the
> simulation runtime is small ( < 0.3 ns), then the simulation runs and
> completes, but if I increase the simulation runtime (to say 1 ns), then
> the
> simulation seems to run forever, and I dont see my results.
> Any pointers as to what could be going wrong and how should I debug the
> problem?

What's the number of points in the simulation set to?

What is the frequency of the voltage source?

Most important: You missed the ground symbol in the schematic.

Hope this helps,

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