Problem Installing Free HDL

  • Dmity Kondakov

    Dmity Kondakov - 2008-11-15

    Hi! I installed Qucs 0.0.14 and want to use digital simulation. However, error say's that Free HDL is not installed. how can I install this engine. I downloaded Free HDL v 0.0.6, where I should put this files?Thank you.

    • SunnySan

      SunnySan - 2008-11-15

      hi dmi3kondakov,

      I got the same problem, on my windows PC. (I guess you want it on it on windows?)
      Under ubuntu it's much easier as we just need to select the package inside the "synatic package Manager".
      the package you downloaded is the source code and it needs to be compile into windows to get the binary files (the .exe) but I am not sure what to do to compile it (can be done under mingw32)
      the configure command didn't seem to work for me.

      can somebody help " how to compile freeHDL on windows?"


    • SunnySan

      SunnySan - 2008-11-15

      hi again

      i use to compile with qmake (under windows) it is easier and use mingw32

      but for the freeHDL lib it seems that minggw is not enough
      MSYS which reproduce the linux env terminal is also needed

      this may help


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