qucsconv spice conversion problem

  • Stephen Miller

    Stephen Miller - 2013-06-14

    I have a typical, somewhat involved Spice file consisting solely of a subcircuit and associated I/O. There are two resistors in the file on adjacent lines, as follows:
    rc1 collector1 70 0
    rc4 collector4 80 0
    When attempting to run a transient simulation, the Spice-to-QUCS conversion aborts, reporting a single error relating to the 2nd line above:
    line 175: syntax error, unexpected Eol, expecting Identifier or MODEL_Spec
    No such error is reported for the previous line, although their formats are identical. On the most recent attempt, the reported line number indicated 176 rather than 175, though this has not repeated. Line 176 reads: q1 collector base2 emitter 2N3866.
    FYI, this file has run successfully on Ngspice, which will only handle relatively short simulation runs pertaining to this particular file, which is very long. The reason for this limitation is unknown, which is why I'm trying QUCS. I've tried changing the values to something other than 0 ohms, without success. No other errors or warnings are reported.
    Any insights or suggestions welcome.

  • Richard C

    Richard C - 2013-10-03

    Is it possible to provide the actual file, or a similar one showing the same error for testing?


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