Layout export

  • Morten Didriksen


    Is there a way to export the QUCS design to Layout…ie DXF file export ?.

    Rather convenient to have when designing with microstrip lines and components.

  •  magneto98

    magneto98 - 2011-10-17

    Hi morten2011,

    you mean, you have arranged some microstrip line components in a schematic and want to have a pcb layout with the same elements/positions/properties? That is not possible (yet)


  • Morten Didriksen

    Hi Carsten (danish ??)….


    Preferably an integrated Layout editor, but a QUCS2DXF converter/exporter if available can do the job…. Microstrip/Microwaves and mechanical properties/layout are highly connected during design.

  • JRS

    JRS - 2013-02-15

    Hi Carsten + other QUCS gurus/fans,

    is there any update on that matter? I'd second the request for having a DXF export. QUCS is a cool free tool and this functionality would help many hobbyists, students and other people with a budget... to make nice RF PCB filters, antennas etc.

    Thanks a lot in advance. JRS

  • Frans

    Frans - 2013-02-15

    Hi JRS,
    For now there is no tool to export the microwave components directly to PCB traces as far as I know.
    There is code to export the qucs schematic to a KiCad netlist, however this doesn't involve trace lengths etc. I think it will be most flexible to use this netlist approach in stead of some dxf export, since then you will be able to move the different parts around more easily.


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