Spice 2g6 POLY L not understood by Qucs?

  • grump6

    grump6 - 2009-05-29


    I am using Qucs on Windows. I am trying to create a nonlinear inductor in Qucs, parameterized in the coefficients of its polynomial expression. Independent variable is current.
    When I try a Spice netlist such as:
    * SPICE 2g6 nonlinear inductor
    .subckt LN 1 2 params: l0 l2
    L1 1 2 poly l0 0 l2
    .ends LN

    Qucs gives me an error about unexpected behavior. Is the nonlinear inductor not supported? Can I pass parameters to Spice netlists in Qucs?
    I tried replicating the same component in EDD but with no success.

    Any help and advice would be appreciated,


    • Stefan Jahn

      Stefan Jahn - 2009-06-04


      Actually SPICE 2g6 POLY L's should be understood by 0.0.15 version of Qucs.  I am going to check your example.  What is not supported (yet) are subcircuit parameters (as in the above example).

      Regards, Stefan.

      • Kevin

        Kevin - 2013-04-05

        Hi Stefan,

        Is this why I'm having trouble with this BFP640 model from Infineon? I am still using version 15, do the newer versions support the subcircuit?



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