ANN: qucs2mat available on launchpad

  • Riccardo Bernardini

    Dear all,
    forgive me the shameless plug, but I think that this could be useful to someone (at least it will remain in the archive). If this is not the most appropriate place, let me know and give me a pointer to the right place.

    Recently I had the need to give the results of a simulation to a colleague who would have processed them with some function of hers in Matlab. Since a fast googling did not find anything, I decided to write my own converter .dat -> .mat myself.

    Should you have a similar need, you are welcome to get my code (currently distributed only as source code, sorry) at launchpad at URL

    The usage is very simple: compile the program and call it by giving the .dat filename on the command line, e.g.,

          qucs2mat  example.dat

    The result will be saved in example.mat

    As said before, currently the code is distributed only as source code, so you will have to compile it by yourself. Since the program is written in Ada, you will need an Ada compiler. Probably your best choice is GNAT (available at, a gcc frontend available under GPL.

    I hope this is useful.

    Best Regards,


  • Richard C

    Richard C - 2013-10-21

    Hi Riccardo, thanks for sharing, although you and your colleague might be interested to know that we already provide an m-file function to load a qucs dataset into Matlab or Octave.

    After installation you can find it in for instance C:\Program Files\Qucs\share\qucs\octave in windows and <install dir>/share/qucs/octave/ in Linux

    or you can grap it direct from the repo here (there's a few functions needed):

    Last edit: Richard C 2013-10-21

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