File based generator

  • Luka Borkovic

    Luka Borkovic - 2010-05-19


    Before asking the question, may I please tell you how great qucs is. It is working way beyond my expectations and I even prefer using qucs to pspice (it looks better, it is simpler and also more intuitive). I just want to say - keep up the good work!

    Now, what I really want to ask is is there any documentation available about using the file based voltage/current generator? I've found a sort of tutorial online about converting the mp3 to dat and then to some kind of qucs file format, but the information are very scarce, and I ended up giving it all up. But now I found this forum and I was wondering if you could direct me in any way. I like designing audio circuits and it would be very nice if i could simulate real audio signal using this feature. If there is any topic in here, I am sorry for double posting, but searching the board is a bit hard. So, anyway, thanks in advance for any kind of help. I am looking forvard to getting any kind of feedback from you. Once again, great project, proved to be very useful to me.

    Best regards,

  • Stefan Jahn

    Stefan Jahn - 2010-05-21


    For use of voltage/current file source either native Qucs format or (maybe better for you) CSV data files can be used.  First column should be time, second then voltage or current value.

    Hope this helps, Stefan.


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