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    Mailbox - 2009-04-23


    I am just introduce to Qucs and noticed its goal is to be easy for people with ADS experience. I am an RF engineer with ADS and Designer experience and would like to help to this project. I assume there are other RF engineers who would not mind to help develop a GNU version of simulator, but have no programming experience! Please let us know how we can help.


    • Stefan Jahn

      Stefan Jahn - 2009-05-16


      one possibility to support us is cross-checking simulation results with ADS.

      Regards, Stefan.

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        Mailbox - 2009-05-18

        Certainly a great idea. Are there part of the simulator that need to be verified? I may make sense to divide the "software verification" to few categories based on the engine used in the code and cross check a couple examples. A wiki page may help organizing the afford.

        • Stefan Jahn

          Stefan Jahn - 2009-05-18


          I think, the microstrip/coplanar/transmission line components should be checked.  The Wiki is located at <>.  In order to edit it you need an SF account, IIRC.

          Cheers, Stefan.

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            Mailbox - 2009-05-20

            Count me in the simulation and cross examination part. Although writing the wiki... ah... maybe ;)

            It will be my summer project to use the school's ADS. Until then, I need to use it for my homework!

            BTW, have you consider using Designer 2 Student Version. It is free for the public and does the linear simulations pretty well.

            • Sebastian Held

              Sebastian Held - 2009-05-25


              Designer SV is not free -- at least not for "competitors". It's limited, buggy and quite old. I'm currently in the process of replacing Designer by Qucs for my class.

              BTW, is it intentional, that modifications to the wiki pages are restricted to "users in one of the groups editor, admin"?

              Best regards,


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