please explain ac simulation

  • Bengt Nilsson

    Bengt Nilsson - 2014-05-10

    I just started with qucs, and I have a difficulty with the ac simulation concept.
    I cannot find a way to define or control the input node.
    Yes, I can put a source somewhere, but it already has a frequency (usually default 1GHz) and a level. How is this connected to the simulation? And what if I have more than one source?
    The ac-simulation box is completely isolated and has no connection to my circuit and far as I can see.
    I have searched in the help and docs and I have not found this explained.
    Where should I look?

  • Guilherme

    Guilherme - 2014-05-11

    Have you looked at page 33 of

    During the AC simulation all source frequencies are controlled by the ac simulation block.

    If you have multiple sources with different frequencies you probably want to look at a transient simulation.

    You select the type(s) of simulation by placing the simulation box into your schematic.

    You can find further documentation at



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