QT4 port questions

  • MySchizoBuddy

    Was the Qt4 port abandon.
    Is there a separation between the business logic and the UI or is it all intermingled. Trying to access how much work it will be to do a Qt4 port.
    Where are the .ui files?
    Why doesn't it use qmake?

  • Hate to bump an old thread, but I've been wondering too.

    Qt3 has been long abandoned by upstream (Trolltech; now Nokia) and slowly all the Linux distributions are dropping Qt3 from their repositories.  I lost the ability to run Qucs when Gentoo pulled Qt3 from its repository (and yes, I know there's an overlay that includes Qt3, that isn't the point).

    What is needed in order to get the Qt4 version of Qucs workable?

  • Frans

    Also Ubuntu has now dropped support for qt3 and removed qucs from their repo. I am affraid that the qucs development is dead as there has not been any activity since 2011. Meanwhile I am trying to port the new qucs version to QT4, if I succeed I will post the changes on github.
    For now it is still possible (at least in Ubuntu 12.10) to use the libqt3-mt-dev deb files from the 12.04 repository, so qucs can still be compiled as it is.