Parallelized Linear DC Analysis

  • srean

    srean - 2012-04-25


    I need to analyze a million node circuit of simple resistors and voltage sources. I am looking for something that will use multiple available cores. I need to solve for the currents several times (in a loop) where the value of the resistances change but not the topology. Should I be using qucs for this or are there other tools which are more appropriate.

    Not educated as an electrical engineer, as you can see.

    Thanks a lot for helping a newbie out


  •  magneto98

    magneto98 - 2012-04-25

    Hi srean,

    I guess, Qucs only uses one core. The problem would be putting all your data in a qucs schematic. Depends on the format of your data
    Alternative to qucs:
    If you only have resistors and voltage sources, you have to solve a simple system of linear equations. You could write down the equations (using Kirchhoff's circuit laws). You end up with
    U = R*I (U, R, I being matrices)
    To solve for the currents you have to invert R to get
    R^-1*U = I

    Then solve it with Matlab/Octave or something else.


  • srean

    srean - 2012-04-25

    Hi Carsten thanks for the reply.

    Yeah I understand that in principle. I was wondering if there was any tool that can form the linear equations to solve directly from some text or data structural representation of the circuit. I am interested in the effective resistance between all resistances too (this too is just a matrix pseudoinverse).

    My use case does really need multicore support, but thanks for being helpful.


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