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We're not /really/ dead yet...

One can't tell by looking at our home page, but this project isn't really dead. We code "at our own pace", and there's not terribly much more we can add to QUB without some significant rewrites, so things just kind of poke along...
That said, however, we do have some cool new code in the CVS tree, like Rusty's revolutionary Loubetomy hex-map editor - it's a completely new breed of map editor, unlike anything before it. At some point i will get off of my lazy ass and fix the 'make install' support so we can go ahead and release 0.7.2... ----- stephan

Posted by stephan beal 2003-07-30

New Site will take over

QUB recently got a phpNuke-powered web site, so much of the activity which used to take place here (for example, these news posts) will start happening on the main site instead. Please check there for the latest info:

Posted by stephan beal 2001-08-31

Happy Birthday, QUB!

May 21st marks the official first birthday of QUB - that was the date of the first release of QUB on SourceForge. It's come a long way in that time, and still has a long way to go...

Posted by stephan beal 2001-05-22