#54 Suggestions


In the meantime, I have to write the following code to correctly work with ZIP files:

  1. there's no way to check if the ZIP is password protected
  2. there's no standard way of managing progress
  3. there's no standard way for cancelling extraction

Some callbacks are really needed.

  1. Do you plan to move to github?



  • Sergey A. Tachenov

    This really belongs to the support requests tracker.

    1. There is: check the general purpose flags. As per APPNOTE.TXT, bit 0 indicates that the file is encrypted.

    2. What's that supposed to mean? You know the file size, you know your position, what else do you need to manage progress?

    3. Well, whoever designed the extraction code should take care of that. As far as I'm concerned, I have only a few utility methods in JlCompress which indeed support no progress/cancellation/callbacks - but they aren't supposed to. If you need something more complicated, you have to do it yourself, QuaZIP only provides the necessary tools.

    4. No.

  • crystalidea

    crystalidea - 2014-08-10
    1. Yes, but a bool isEncrypted() const method would be better
    2. Yes I'm able to manage progress by myself, but it's not good
  • Sergey A. Tachenov

    1. OK, it's indeed a good idea.

    2. I don't see how that's any different from managing progress with any kind of QIODevice. QFile, for example.

  • crystalidea

    crystalidea - 2014-08-10

    The code in the link illustrates the way I manage progress during extraction
    I had to modify the code of extractDir

  • Sergey A. Tachenov

    JlCompress is just a simple utility class. I could improve it, but it's not the main purpose of QuaZIP. The class wouldn't even exist if it wasn't contributed by someone. QuaZIP is a lower level library than that. Its purpose is to provide QIODevice API and some really necessary methods to work with the ZIP structure.

  • crystalidea

    crystalidea - 2014-08-11

    Thanks a lot for the explanation!

  • Sergey A. Tachenov

    • status: open --> closed

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