QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 3 has just been released!

QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 3 has just been released!

With good changes all over the place, it's difficult to list everything that has changed. So here are the major highlights:

Both Editors:
- Added a horizontal scrollbar in the treeview.
- You can now "uninstall" gamemodes: just delete the addons-directory of that game.
- Added IWI loading; this is the texture format used by Call of Duty 2 and higher.
- Fix a major slowdown in the progressbar drawing routine.

Map Editor:
- Some games want textures with Alpha in a different format; this fixes a saving-texture problem in Quake 3 mode.
- Grayed out beziers can now not be selected in views anymore.
- Fix some problems with the FAKK2 and EF2 compilers producing bad BSP filenames.
- And various improvements here and there!

Model Editor:
- Completely revamped vertex Linear draglines system, increasing its reaction and drawing time to twenty times faster(!).
- Added full Vertex U,V Coloring support to the bones Specifics page.
- Added asi model format importing plugin.
- ASE model exporter can now export .cm collision model files.
- Added a .md3 model importer, with tag support.
- Added a .md5mesh and .md5anim model exporter, with bone support.
- Support started for granny .gr2 model importing with bones.
- Added complete section in the InfoBase Docs about tags with F1 links, the new Bones, Vertex Color and Weights.
- Added support for animation interpolation - (computation of added movement to emulate game action).
- And lots and lots more! Just try it out, and you'll see!

Posted by DanielPharos 2009-11-10

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