QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 2 has just been released!

QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 2 has just been released!

A lot of fixes and new features, including but not limited to:

Both Editors:
-A one-click game-change configuration option for Source games!
-Several fixes to image loading and saving (mainly PCX and VTF).
-Console.log functionality: log everything from the console into a file!
-Lot of minor changes and fixes to renderers, especially OpenGL.
-Fixed a long-standing bug: The AutoSave-setting was not being applied.

Map Editor:
-Added partial support for loading Call of Duty 2 maps.
-Complete update of the WarsowEntities by X7, good job and thanks.
-Added new functions and handles for Half-Life 2 and other games.
-Small fixes and tweaks all over the place ... too many to list!

Model Editor:
-Setup new QuArK Model Editor Python model import export system, with a lwo, md2 and md5 importer, and a lwo and md2 exporter.
-Setup of Specifics\Arg page for model types data and settings.
-Importer/exporter logging capabilities.
-Infobase updated: lots of more functions are now documented properly.
-Added a boning system!
-Shaders used by models can be displayed and edited.
-Lots of minor fixes and changes. New icons, extra options, new functions ... too much to list!

Posted by DanielPharos 2009-02-02

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