QuArK 6.5.0 Beta 3 has just been released!

A lot of fixes and new features, including but not limited to:

- Now games from the same series can be grouped together in the Games-menu!
- Added a simple update-notifier that checks the age of the QuArK release.
- Fixed the infobase-help not opening on several browsers.
- Added FreeImage as an alternative for DevIL image file handling and setup in the Configuration section.
- Finalized .dds image format support. Saving is now possible and reliable.
- Added game support for EF2 (Elite Force 2) with .md3 model and .dds image format support as well (I helped a little).

Map Editor:
- In Half Life 2 mode, QuArK will now save a .vmf file instead of a Quake .map.

Model Editor:
- Added complete Rectangular Selection and Linear Handle support for both the Editor and Skin-view for vertexes and faces.
- Integrated all Editor Views Selections with the Skin-view Selection system and visa-versa for vertexes and faces.
- Revamped with an entire new vertex and triangle creation, picking and removal system.
- Setup selection retention system (Dan helped) in Model Editor so selected items would not be dropped unexpectedly.
- Fixed Duplicate current frame function to stop Model Editor views from crashing.
- Stopped Add Triangle and Delete Triangle from causing errors and added menu links to the Infobase.
- Setup mesh movement using common drag handles in the Skin-view for skinning model textures.

And much more!

Posted by DanielPharos 2007-09-01

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