#24 clean up console output on linux


quakespasm prints a lot to the console.
Very often there are unprintable chars in that output, which looks ugly and annoying.
This patch takes a bit ham-fisted approach to it, but it doesn't seem it would hurt anything.
vasprintf should be safe in that file, as it's posix.

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  • Steven

    Steven - 2014-08-17

    Could you link to some badly behaving maps to test it with ?

    • galtgendo

      galtgendo - 2014-08-17

      It's probably more a matter of a terminal, than a map, as it already shows at skill selection.

      In vte based terminals, unprintable chars result in square boxes with unicode code number inside.

      • galtgendo

        galtgendo - 2014-08-17

        My biggest worry with that patch it that it allows only pure ASCII strings.
        On the other hand, I've got no idea what encoding can be used in these strings and if there's anything but pure ASCII, iconv would likely be a must (and I'd want to avoid that).

  • Steven

    Steven - 2014-08-24

    Hmmm. Yeah, it's never worried me on Konsole. Non-ascii output always draws ok afaics.

    So maybe modify your patch to use a command line arg like
    --ascii-only-output ??

    Sorry, but what do you mean by vte terminals ?

    • galtgendo

      galtgendo - 2014-08-25

      any based upon libvte - like gnome-terminal, but that's just one of many

      ...seems I need to draw you a picture...
      OK, here's the picture...

      • galtgendo

        galtgendo - 2014-08-25

        ...and here's the text that causes it - just cat it...

  • Steven

    Steven - 2014-08-26

    Yah ok. I've seen it before, but looks pretty harmless.
    I start up gnome-terminal and i can reproduce.

    Unless you can convince Ozkan, might not worry about applying this patch, which could possibly have undesired affects.

    Last edit: Steven 2014-08-26
  • Ozkan Sezer

    Ozkan Sezer - 2015-03-23
    • Group: --> svn

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