Ever since 0.1.99, there seems to be an issue with custom models being displayed correctly.  To elaborate, I play Team Fortress constantly, and I use the DOX paks (http://www.planetfortress.com/tfdone_easy/dox), and the models are displayed incorrectly.  They seem melted or warped, sort of like when GL meshes screw up.  Another example is the biggren.mdl.  Instead of looking warped, the wrong grenade model is displayed.  For example, when an engineer throws an EMP, it displays a gas grenade instead, or when a spy throws a gas grenade, a pipebomb is displayed.  What can be done about this?

I also have another question.  Was v_contentblend removed or has it been changed to something else?  I've been out of the Quake scene for quite some time and am not up-to-date on all the new stuff.