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Quabro 0.6.1 Released!

Quabro 0.6.1 adds new sound pack and 5 new levels to play. See the README file included in the package for more details.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2012-05-05

Quabro 0.6 Released!

Quabro 0.6 has been released. See README.txt included with the game for details about the changes.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2012-04-12

Quabro 0.5.1 Released!

Version 0.5.1 includes modified difficulty levels and bug fixes.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2012-03-23

Quabro 0.5 Released!

This release introduces bonus items and a new simplified levelset system. See README in the downloadable package for more information.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2012-03-09

Maintenance Release 0.4.1 Released

The patch fixes bug which caused the ball to resurrect at unexpected locations.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2012-02-03

Quabro 0.4 Released!

Quabro 0.4 has been released! See included README for more information.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2012-01-29

Quabro 0.3 Released!

A new version of Quabro has been released. This version adds difficulty levels, a new levelset, new levels, music and bug fixes. Enjoy!

Posted by Tommi Helander 2011-12-06

Quabro 0.2 Released!

Quabro 0.2 has been released! This new version has upgraded graphics and basic sounds added. Enjoy!

Posted by Tommi Helander 2011-10-29

Quabro 0.1 Released!

The first alpha release (0.1) of Quabro is available for downloading. This update includes only minor changes in the game itself, but there are now platform specific packages available for windows (compiled using cx freeze with Python 2.7) and Linux systems (not compiled, I have just renamed and made the launch script executable), as well as a platform independent 'source' package.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2011-10-08

Quabro Pre-alpha 4 Released!

This update includes bug fixes, a basic score system and a new level to play. Enjoy!

Posted by Tommi Helander 2011-09-18

Quabro Pre-alpha 3 Released!

This new version adds a level system using an SQLite database, with two new levels and modified first level. Four new block types have also been created. Block types are irrelevant at the moment, but will play a significant role once the score system is added to the game.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2011-08-30

Quabro Pre-alpha 2 Released!

The second pre-alpha of Quabro has been released. New features include a main menu and solid (grey) blocks. The code has been refactored and some major bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2011-08-14

New name for the project: Quabro

The name of Space Ball project has been changed to Quabro.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2011-08-09

Space Ball pre-alpha 1 released!

The release cycle of Space Ball has been launched with pre-alpha 1. This release is a very early snapshot of the main principles of the game and is intended for developers and testers only. The graphics and features of the game at this point are on a very basic level and not nearly on the level of the final product.

The game currently consists of one simple level with some bricks to destroy. The player has three balls and if he/she loses them all, it's game over.

Posted by Tommi Helander 2011-07-31

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