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Closing down qtwin project


It's time to close down this project. The goal to provide Qt/GPL on windows (inclusive msvc support) is achieved.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-10-16

Patch for Qt 4.3.0 released

We've uploaded a patch for Qt 4.3.0. You can grab it at the usual places :)

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-06-07

Q../free 3.3.x-8 released

We've released a new version of Q../free. You can download it from here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=49109&package_id=42335&release_id=507422

It fixes two bugs and the source was updated to the x11 sources of Qt3.3.8. View notes for details: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=507422&group_id=49109

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-05-11

Updated patch for Qt 4.2.3 released

There is a new patch for 4.2.3 available on the download site.
For a list of changes see here:

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-03-12

Q../free 3.3.7-7 released

I've made a new svn snapshot from Q../free. Maybe this is the last one as we now go straight forward to a working kdelibs4/win32 and don't need Qt3 anymore :)

Fixes since 3.3.6-6:
- update to qt3.3.7/x11
- fix QPainter::RasterOps
- fix stat() usage for unicode filenames
- fix insert IE-urls from clipboard
- fix cross compilation (thx to stefan jahn)
- remove /DELAYLOAD linker option to avoid problems with some special msvc compilers
- reduce HDC usage
- fix QWidget::updateFrameStrut() (was a qt4-bug)
- #1515849 "System shortcuts not working"
- #1498951 - "File selection does not work in C:\"
- #1495044 - lyx window doesn't restore to maximized... read more

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2007-01-17

Updated patch for Qt 4.2.0 released

I once more have to update the patch for Qt4.2 since qmake fooled me again :-/
Please redownload acs4qt42p2.zip or create an empty file qt-4-src/qmake/generators/win32/msvc_dsp.h

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-10-12

Patch for Qt 4.2.0 released

We've uploaded a new patch for Qt4.2

You can grab it here:
Please report bugs to the bugtracker or the mailing list.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-10-11

Patch for Qt 4.1.4 released

There is a new patch for 4.1.4 available.
Only one small change was made:
- fix msvc.net/2003/2005 detection when creating .vcproj files

You can download it from here:

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-06-28

Q../free 3.3.6-6 released

There is also some small bugfixing for Q../Free 3.3.x. We've ported a lot of platform dependend code back from Qt4 to our Q../Free and due to the Qt 3.3.6/x11 release we decided to make a new snapshot: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=49109&package_id=42335

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-05-26

Patch for Qt 4.1.3 released

Yesterday we released a patch which works with 4.1.3. You can download it from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=49109&package_id=165202

Qt 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 aren't compileable without qt3support on windows. The issue is reported to trolltech and will be fixed with the next release. A workaround is to replace Q_LLONG with qint64 in src\corelib\kernel\qeventdispatcher_win.cpp.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2006-05-26

Additional compiler support for qpl'd Qt4.1/win32

I've uploaded a patch which adds additional compiler suppport for Qt4.1.
Currently we've some problems with borland support but this should be solved when the new C++builder 2006 is out.

If you've problems building qmake, please create directory <qt-4-src>\qmake\tmp

I've also added a new snapshot for Qtwin/free 3.3.5.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-12-29

Qt3-cvs module moved from kde-cygwin to qtwin

Yesterday, the sf.net-people moved our qt3 - sources from kde-cygwin to qtwin. This step was necessary because kde-cygwin is closed down.
Don't forget to update your anonymous cvs settings.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-11-10

Hotfix update for additional compiler support for Qt4/win32

There is a new patch (acs4qt401p3) available which fixes a problem which I found during kdelibs/win32 compile. Uic3.exe wasn't build correctly.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-11-01

Updated patch for additional compiler support for Qt4/win32

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-10-29

No more binary releases for Qt3/free

Because of possible legal problems, we decided to provide no more binary releases of Qt3/free. But you can always get the latest cvs version. See http://kde-cygwin.sourceforge.net/qt3-win32/ for download instructions.

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-10-29

Additional compiler support for qpl'd Qt4/win32

We've just released our first patch which adds support for MSVC and Borland to the gpl'd Qt4/win32 sources.
You can download it here:

When you use this patch and encounter problems please *do not* ask Trolltech for help. Instead first try to reproduce your problem with MinGW which is officially supported and then ask Trolltech for help.... read more

Posted by Christian Ehrlicher 2005-09-30

QT Windows Free Edition Release 3.3.4-3 available

A new binary release of Qt Windows Free Edition is available currently for msvc6, msvc.net2003 and borland.

You can download it here:

What's new:
- updated to 3.3.4
- rotating text works now (but not completly correct), thx to Stefan Jahn
- key events work now (at least our people from Lyx/win32 don't complain anymore about wrong keyevents :-D )
- scrollviews and the middle mouse button work nearly correct
- a lot of cleanup in qapplication_win.cpp
- QWidget::winEvent and QApplication::winEventFilter are called correct now (hopefully)
- stl, rtti and exceptions are now on by default
- removed some more memleaks
- better popup handling
- corrected QFileDialog - now it has the same behaviour like qt321nc
- implemented QDesktopWidget
- QBitmap did not work correct in some cases (problems with word/dword alignment fixed)
- QPixmap::xForm() is nearly complete (alpha buffer seems to make problems)
- and other minor changes ... read more

Posted by Ralf Habacker 2005-06-02