QTTabBar v1.5.0.0 Alpha 4 Released

  • Paul Accisano

    Paul Accisano - 2010-08-27


    Bugs Fixed:
     General stability improvements, more exception logging code added
     Changing environment variables on x64 systems no longer crashes Explorer
     Tabbar/Toolbar positioning now works correctly on XP
     Search box no longer mysteriously shrinks when focused
     Closing dialogs in Win7 such as the Firewall dialog works correctly
     Subdirectory Tips appear and disappear when they should, drag and drop into them much easier
     Opening a new tab by navigating on a locked tab opens the tab in the correct location
     Minimize to tray no longer crashes Explorer
     Full Row Select can be enabled/disabled when the SysListView32 is used
     Tabs are restored only on the first instance, not on subsequent instances
     Libraries can be dropped into
    New/Restored Features:
     Desktop Bar restored for XP/Vista
     F2 rename selection functionality restored    
     SelectionChanged plugin event fires correctly
     Cursor looping reimplemented
     "Use old ListView control" option enabled
     "Display column headers in all views" option enabled
  • ananda96

    ananda96 - 2010-08-27

    I uninstalled alpha 3, tried to install alpha 4,

    there's an error: "error registering asssembly"

    qttatbar does not appear.

    then i installed alpha 3 again, it works.
    looking inside the application for update it says there's a new developer version, but does update,
    Function still not availabe?

    then i overwrote to Alpha4 , same error appears, but Version now is Alpha 4.

  • Mark N.P

    Mark N.P - 2010-09-20

    Hi masamunexgp,

    just want to report something as well as suggest a few things-

    1) I'm using a windows 7 x64 OS. The merging of folders doesn't work well. For example, if there are a few folders open, the option of merging the other open folders into one folder ie. through tabs, that option is not 'selectable'. It's as if Qttabbar recognises it as if there's only 1 folder to open and therefore, nothing to merge.
    Tried it on an XP system and it works like a charm. Hope you could fix this bug.

    2)Another small bug that was seen is that folders take quite some time to load/open - about 3-7 seconds sometimes. Is it possible optimize the load time by any chance?

    Some Suggestions:
    3)The merging of tabs of other folders is an awesome productivity boost. Why not create a hotkey to merge all folders? perhaps Crtl+Shift+O or something like that? It would speed things up even more.

    4)Lastly, the scrolling between tabs is fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised that this app had that feature. It would be super if there was a hotkey combination for scrolling between the tabs as well. Perhaps Ctrl+Shift+Z for back and Ctrl+Shift+x for back. (It should go in a loop as well. As in First to Last tab, as well as, Last to First tab.) Using this hotkey combination because you could navigate between tabs with just one hand. 

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and would really hope you could implement this as well. If u have time get back to me, my e-mail is mark(underscore)ninan@hotmail.com. Or the forum would do…
    Kudos on the excellent job you're doing.


  • Paul Accisano

    Paul Accisano - 2010-09-21

    Greetings markninan123,

    1) the Merge Tabs option works fine for me.  Can you give me a step-by-step procedure to reproduce the bug?

    2) This is hard to address.  Is there anything in common about the folders that are slow?  Are they network shares?  Does it happen all the time or just sometimes?

    3) I'm very surprised there isn't already a hotkey for that.  Definitely will add one.

    4) There already are hotkeys for this: ctrl-tab to go forward and ctrl-shift-tab to go back.  On Vista and 7, it even has a nice fancy glass-pane switch window!

    In the future, please use the Trac to report bug reports and feature requests.  In fact, if you could open tickets for 1, 2, and 3, and continue discussion there, that would help a lot.

  • Mark N.P

    Mark N.P - 2010-09-24

    Greetings to you masamunexgp,
    really appreciate your reply, i'm not very computer savy so… please bear up with my questions.

    1) You know when u report a bug… and the person you report to says it's ok…. and you give it a try again to see if it works.. and it does work… you don't really know what to say… Well i'm in that kinda situation. The merge tabs option works fine now and i hope it's for good.

    2) About the folders, well it's slow about 7 seconds sometimes before we see the content of the folders. It's about 50% of the time. Sad to say this but, this slow down didn't happen before Qttabbar was installed. Just want to tell you that during the install, there was an error - in both my desktop and laptop. Not sure what it said. Recently Qttabbar was installed again and there was no error.

    3) Thanks for the add-on - would really make things fast.

    4)Yup the hotkey works beautifully… just wondering… could we make any changes to the hotkey? Ctrl+Tab is rather uncomfortable to the hand (just like Alt+Tab) and Ctrl+Shift+Tab is even more uncomfortable… Just my humble opinion, but Ctrl+Shift+Z - for previous tab and Ctrl+Shift+X is a easier position to move into. Not sure… try it for yourself… :) Understand that it could take a lot of coding but the user's own hotkey would be best.

    Just one more thing… When i was installing alpha4 into my friend's laptop(XP sp3) there was an error and it couldn't work. Error was "error registering assembly". Do you know how to get past this error? He's using the default windows firewall and Avast free.

    Will move on to the trac as requested if i have any more queries.

    Thanks a lot masamunexgp!


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