Jedi Kalimero - 2013-10-27

No matter if I mark or unmark the option "Full row selection in details view", the result is always the same, it always works as if marked. In fact, this was the default behaviour of my Windows Explorer before installing QTTabBar so when I am in details view, no matter if I click the icon, the file name, the date the size, etc, of a file, it always gets selected. What I wanted is to select only when I click on the icon or name, so I can drag select from any other part of the view or copy/move a file by dragging to the window without worrying about things like dropping it inside a ZIP file.
NOTE: I am also using Classic Explorer so maybe the fail is due to some conflict between this and QTTabBar. I have seen no option in Classic Explorer for this but I have seen the option for display column headers in all views.

About the grid lines, the option is not working at all, maybe due to the same conflict.

Last edit: Jedi Kalimero 2013-10-27